When it was announced that our country (Trinidad & Tobago) would be making some serious shifts in our lifestyle, it hit me like a bolt of lightning; that cloth masks were going to be the key to helping us get back to our regular lives more quickly and safely. It brought to life the 



Initially its purpose was to familiarise our society to buy in to the concept of wearing cloth masks whenever they left their homes. Little did I know that as the tides changed around the world, we would actually receive a mandate from our Prime Minister, that it would soon become the norm overnight! 

With the help of a few remarkable people, this project's goal is more than just for us to wear masks, but also to love them. Considering the need of frontline workers throughout the country we made sure this project gave back. We're proud to be producing masks that are made well, with the right materials to keep us safe, and fit our faces properly without discomfort. Masks that express our personal style, and bring a little joy to our lives and to the lives of others. Together, with these masks, we can show the world that we are taking precautions in a way that brings a little light to the world around us.

Sarah Jane Waddell

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